Can Meat Grinders Grind Bone?

The answer is “YES” very fewest people know that Can Meat Grinders Grind Bone very convincingly. People often absorb that It’s not worthwhile to crush bone but it’s very productive to grind bones such as Chicken Bones, Rabbit Bones, Fish Bones, etc.

What is a Meat Grinder?

It’s very special equipment for mincing meat or vegetables in quick succession. People are pretty much obsessed with this because it is a vital asset for grinding meat and vegetable and it does save precious time but also very consistent working progress. Usually, it’s used for making sausages, burger patties, homemade pasta, and veggies salads.

Meat Grinders

Type of Grinder:-

There are two types of Grinder available in markets that are very frequently used in kitchen appliances.

Manual Meat Grinders:-

It’s made of heavy metal and that is work by only hand pressure. There is no electrical instrument installed that is quite tough to handle. This is such an old-school tech that many people admire using.

Electric Meat Grinders:-

This very popular Grinder in the world. It has an automatic motor system and the whole power comes from Electricity. Technically it’s known as Electric Meat Grinders. This is such a reliable product because everybody found it very beneficial. Almost every kitchen has its presence places.

Will a Hand Can Meat Grinder Grind Bones?

This is very often asked to question people that Manual Grinders can grind Bones. But the reality is that this is quite a tough task to grind bones even in terms of Meat Grinding it doesn’t go easy process. So the answer is “NO” Hand Meat grinder can’t crush meat bones. Because hands are not enough to deliver such energy. Recommendations for choosing KitchenAid Meat Grinder for can meat grinders grind bone.

Meat Grinder Grind Bones

An Electric Can Meat Grinders Grind Bones?

Only electric Meat Grinder can Grind Bones but it has to be a powerful electric MEAT GRINDER such as KitchenAid Meat Grinder. Because it has an electric supply and heavy-duty engine, therefore, its made things easy and simple when bones go through by Electric Grinder. It is a powerful engine that works very efficiently and without any hindrance. Also, it was a turnout time-saving while grinding bones.

Even though lots of people do not have enough knowledge about this they still believe Grinding on Meat Grinder is an impossible task. And it could break inner tools when grinding on it.

But nowadays it’s an easy task when it griding by Electrical Grinder.

Will KitchenAid Meat Grinder Grind Bones The Chicken?

Of course, it can be done by KitchenAid Meat grinder when it’s pretty much fit on feeder tube as long as they. Anyway, we didn’t suggest grinding beef or others stuff because it can break the whole mechanism.

Indeed KitchenAid Meat Grinder is an ideal Chicken Bones crusher. Because a powerful setup can easily demolish Chicken Bones.KitchenAid Meat Grinder it’s designed for heavy-duty and smooth work. However, it has Durability, Strong motor, Huge Capacity, and the Weight of products. All the quality has been applied to KitchenAid Meat Grinder which needs when the time to grind BONES. After all, It’s a productive appliance in case of grinding Meat or Bones.

Meat Grinder Grind Chicken Bones

What Kinds Of Meat Grinders Can Grind Bones?

Chicken BONES, Rabbit BONES, and Fish BONES are very similar to each other they are less strong and easy to break compared to other BONES. That is why it is called SOFT BONES.

So these types of Bones are very easy to grind in MEAT GRINDER because it doesn’t need enormous pressure to break. It’s Soft Bones and it is simple to grind chicken bones and others. 

What Kinds of BONES Grinder Can’t Grind?

Which are very strong to break such as BEEF BONES, and SHEEP BONES this kind of Bones are stronger than chicken, rabbit, and fish Bones. Due to the hardness, it can’t handle a Bone Meat Grinder. Instead of it could break your Meat Grinder. It’s better to avoid sheep and beef bones and stick them on chickens, rabbits, and fish Bones.

How To Grind Bones By A Meat Grinders?

Follow Only 3 steps and Grind your Bones:

1. First of all put Bones into the grinding plate and turn on the Meat Grinder.
2. Safely pressurize The bone into a grinding feeder until all pieces hit the ground.
3. End the Grinding process and immediately turn off the machine. Do not forget to clean the Meat Grinder after the grind.

An Essential Tip Regarding GRINDING BONES

  • First, you check that all the bones are not too big and cannot pass through the grinder feeder.
  • If bones are in big shape you can cut them into small pieces which is can be input easily.
  • Before grinding let Bones rest in the refrigerator for a few hours. That will help to better the BONE grinding result.
  • For more information about grinding Follow the Guide book.

Can I Meat Grinders Grind Bones In A Food Processor??

Yes, can meat grinders grind bone into Food processors. A Food Processor is widely recognized for cutting fat contents that is it is a very excellent alternative to the manual or electronic meat grinder. However, it needs a small cut of bones to grind into the Food Processor. And it took extra time for grinding well.

How Can I Grind Turkey Neck?

Yes, you can. Why not It very simple way you can grind your Turkey cut by KitchenAid Meat Grinder or it can be executed by Blender or Food Processor.

How Do You Prepare Your Bones Before Grinding?

Here I’m gonna reveals some tips to prepare The Bones before Putting them into a meat grinding for instance:-

1.      Select The Bone Type :

At the beginning of this process, you need the final selection of which Bones you are looking for grinding. In this case, avoid cooked Bones because It’s become harder than before. Instead of choosing Raw Bones and pliable Bones which are exceptionally good for pets. Try to grind these types of Bone such as neck bones, rib cage bones, and backbones from chickens, fishes, and rabbits.

2.      Cut Extra meat From Bones:

Do not grind without cutting extra meat of Bones. Although it provides nutrition It’s better to remove extra meat for better grinding results.

3.      Focus on Thickness of Bones :

A very important part of grinding is that Select the perfect shape of Bones. The ideal size of Bones according to experts is that Thumb Size nor bigger than Thumb size. Otherwise, it can harm your grinding plates.


Before the finish, ing I want to ensure that Meat Grinder is such a useful product in terms of Mincemeat or Bones too. However, crushing Bones needs a heavy engine Meat Grinder for instance KitchenAid Meat Grinder or other heavy-duty machines.

Here I suggest one specific Grinder Machine also revealing some Bones-related TIPS and some essential methods to choosing Bones according to Grinder.


I try my best to discuss some frequently asked common questions in detail and cover up Meat Grinder and Bones-related issues.

I strongly believe that this article will help enormously those who are stuck on Bonegrinding and Bones-related topics. Also, it has a guide Through to the final procedure of grinding bones.

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