How to Clean Kitchenaid Meat Grinder

A grinder is a very common piece of equipment in the kitchen department, people pretty much depend on it. In the case of ground meat or other stuff, this is a very efficient machine to convert them into a mincing shape. How to clean Kitchenaid meat grinder Its complete instructions are given below.

It’s a very useful product for chopping meat or other items. But there is some responsibility have to do, which many folks avoid and the result is turning out negative instead of positive. Therefore, people need to clean their grinder before grind and after the grind. This noticeable work can protect this kitchen appliance.

Best And Easy Way To Clean The Kitchenaid Meat Grinder?

This very basic rule is to clean the meat grinder once it is used. Usually, people follow lots of ways to clean their meat grinder but there is a very frequently used method that is the more convincing way to wash it. which is also known as the ultimate guideline for cleaning meat grinder and it can be done in only 7 steps. That method is mentioned below

  1. Firstly need to clean the whole meat grinder with a soft cloth or tissue.
  2. Start the grinder and put inside some pieces of Bread.
  3. All tools of the meat grinder have to be separated.
  4. After all, the dissembled parts let it dipping into soap water for while.
  5. Now time to handwash all parts of the Meat Grinder.
  6. Clean once again every part inside and outside thoroughly.
  7. The final step is dry everything under sun heat or an air dryer.

After accomplishing all steps now you can re-assemble all parts and run the Meat Grinder when needed.

Different Types Of Meat Grinders To Clean?

There are different types of meat grinders available in the current world such as:-

1. Metal food grinder:-

it is a very popular home appliance in the 90s. People have a good memory of that. It will run only by providing pressure from outside by hand or something else. This piece still exists in the modern world some people still have it in their kitchens.

How To Clean Metal Grinder?

How to Clean Kitchenaid Meat Grinder?

How to Clean Meat Grinder

Amongst other models, this equipment is easiest to all for cleaning. It’s easy to dismantle all joining parts and easy to wash inside and outside with soap water or boiling water. It will take 20 minutes to clean all parts and make them shine.

2. Electronic Grinder:-

After, manual grinders this feature (Electronic Grinder) is pretty much updated technically and mechanically. Electricity and motor help to grind meat as soon as possible.  It took only 3/4 minutes to make 6 burger meat easily. Advance features will mincemeat very convincingly and ensure the best consistent grindings throughout of process. But in the case of cleaning it is always tricky to find the right way to clean Electronic Grinder.

3. Add-On Grinder:-

Recently most popular and reliable model is the Add-on category of “grinder attachment”.it has a touch of both electronic and manual versions. Both components make it a more powerful and trustworthy KitchenAid Meat Grinder. That is the reason it is a more useful stand mixer in the world.

For cleaning these it follows some crucial stages.

How to Clean Kitchenaid Meat Grinder


It’s a very old fashion way for cleaning purposes using BREAD to pressurize and get out old stuff quickly, but do not use any hard things like chopsticks, or toothpicks instead you can do it manually by using lubricant or vinegar.


After ensuring no extra stuff in the meat grinder now to time to turn off the electricity function from that. The grinder attachment needs a cut of the power supply from the base unit. After all, things are clear the meat grinder is ready to go cleaning process.


In this section, all joining parts will disassemble from each other for cleaning. Here all inside parts will dislocate such as Grinding Plates, Blades, and screws. For disassembling tips you can easily do it by taking help from the manual notebook. There discuss all things in detail and it is better to disassemble parts nearby the sink or washing area.


Here one of the most important things is before soaking in hot water do not soak electrical parts, instead of removing them before soaking into hot soap water. Let water bubble ups and add all pieces into the hot soapy water and ensure that all parts have been covered up by water.

Let them stay in hot water for at least 5 minutes.


Now time to scrub all parts with a sponge, it will remove dirt and grime as well as make the rough surface even shinier. By the way, it can be done with clothes or a brush.


All pieces are set to rinse after washing into warm soapy water now time to hand dry with a water absorber.


At this stage need to remove all moisture from all parts it can be done by letting them rest under the sun or overnight this will automatically air dry.


This stage is very crucial for giving longevity life to Meat Grinder. This is such a beneficial method for storing the grinders for a long time( 7-30)days. Here mineral oil will stop air from reacting with metal components

How To Sharpen The KitchenAid Meat Grinder Knife And Plates?

This very important task to sharpen KitchenAid Meat Grinder Plates and knife. When used, it often loses sharpness and becomes dull so the chopping is not done properly. For this, it is always  Grinder Plates and knives need to be in good shape. Many ways can sharpen the palates and Knife such as

1. Using Sand Paper:-

This is a very common and easy way to use sandpaper to sharpen as well as make shiny materials.

2. Using Grinding Blocks:-

This is another way to sharping Plates and Blades. Making sharp needs to be many efforts and you need to carry plates all the time during sharpening.

3. Electronic Blades:-

If you want to sharpen your Grinder Plates and Knife without harming sweat it is better to use an electronic Blades sharpener tool. Although it is such productive and much more expensive as well.

How To Care Meat Grinder?

If you use anything, it will slowly get dirty which is an everyday fact. The same thing applies to urgent care of KitchenAid Meat Grinder. Equal importance should be given after using or before using a meat grinder you can input Mineral or vegetable oils for protecting from being unhygienic. Sometimes moisture can be a culprit of rust so try to air dry all time after using. For this try to store the meat grinder in a dry area.

Care Meat Grinder

What Happens If Doesn’t Clean Before Or After Using The KitchenAid Meat Grinder?

Undoubtedly it’ll make things, even more, worst when it doesn’t clean. it will not work smoothly as did before. This cause may allow the grinder without chopping meat in fact due to trash in the grinder it can be stopped without turning off. Even though it managed to chop meat but it is still unhygienic.

Do Not Try This!!!

Do not grind hot meat try to grind cold meat and do not input sharp metal into the grinding hole. It’ll break down all mechanical functions in the grinder.

Final Word!!!

For this, such a piece of equipment (Meat Grinder) before use and after use need basic knowledge of how to protect it from rust, dust, and from unhygienic. Although some people treat them properly and their Grinder last long, however, some people ignore the basic principles and suffer hindrances when they need chopping meat with their favorite Meat Grinders. Even a small effort can save their home appliance like soaking into vinegar all dissemble parts they’ll get a dramatic result.

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